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The view that Manhattan commercial property is overvalued dovetails with perceptions about office leasing prices: Most real estate executives who participated do not believe they're getting back to pre-recession levels very quickly.
And at about 28 percent, the Inland Empire ranks as one of the most overvalued areas in the state.
This analysis enables investors to find and purchase undervalued asset classes and avoid or sell fully valued or overvalued asset classes.
The bank said that housing prices in Australia are now 12 per cent overvalued.
In the same manner, the Japanese yen and the Brazilian real are overvalued by 37% and 38%, respectively, whereas the Indian rupee and the Chinese renminbi are significantly undervalued, by 35% and 8%, respectively.
Eleven other markets in the state, including Riverside, Salinas and Chico, destinations not noted for their glam factor, ranked ahead of Los Angeles in terms of being overvalued, according to a study of 299 cities across the United States by National City Corp.
A high-risk score (70 points or below) signals that a property is likely overvalued, and there are serious valuation concerns requiring additional analysis.
Eurogroup's Jean-Claude Juncker is on the wires stating that the EURO is overvalued.
5 percent) of those surveyed believe that commercial real estate in the United States is currently overvalued.
THOUSAND OAKS - Shares of Amgen dropped Wednesday after the Thousand Oaks biotechnology company postponed an analyst meeting, reported two lawsuits and got a downgrade from an investment bank that said its shares may be overvalued.
Share prices on the London Stock Exchange took a heavy fall yesterday, unsettled by a new warning from US Federal Reserve chairman Mr Alan Greenspan that stocks were overvalued.
If you do so, you'll be able to find a safe harbor during a choppy market or, better yet, prime stocks that aren't overvalued.