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A company with a higher PER than the average suggests the stock may be overvalued.
There are no easy solutions when investing in an overvalued market.
Even if you deem it worthy, remember stocks can remain overvalued or undervalued for a prolonged period before reversing course.
The other Texas housing markets making the list of overvalued markets were Dallas-Plano-Irving; San Antonio-New Braunfels; and Fort Worth-Arlington.
And although the price of gold has fallen substantially since late 2012, far more respondents still consider gold to be overvalued (46 percent) than undervalued (26 percent).
Analysts say the currency remains overvalued against the dollar.
0% this quarter, which reflects the agency's view that real prices remain overvalued.
In Chapter 7, Wright moves easily through various methods to determine undervalued and overvalued stocks.
But estate agents warn that although the site can be useful in identifying a potential bargain, it can also mean the property was overvalued in the first place.
House prices in the UK are overvalued by more than 20% compared with the long-term average, a credit rating agency has warned.
Los Angeles is Southern California's least overvalued residential real estate market while the Inland Empire is the third most overvalued in the nation, a market tracker said Tuesday.
If left alone, the bubble could rival the overvalued markets in the United States in the 1920s or Japan in the 1980s.