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Ours is a rigid Constitution, made so as a protection against firebrand changes - and major revisions designed to substantially alter the balance of power in government must be proposed by a more circumspect Constitutional Convention and not by an overweening Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass)," said IBP national president Abdiel Dan Elijah Fajardo said in a statement issued Saturday.
Theresa May, beleaguered, isolated and weak through self-inflicted wounds, is surrounded by a conniving Cabinet of overweening ambition, none of whom has the gravitas to back up their grasping attempts to take the top job.
You are a coward and you are a man with an overweening sense of your own importance and all those features of your personality were demonstrated amply on Boxing Day last year.
Instead of listening to the stories coming from MPs of being undermined, briefed against and much worse, thousands of once well-meaning folk are prepared to turn a blind eye because of an overweening ideology and blind faith in one man.
We assume the overweening importance of leaders, even when this assumption is demonstrably false, Kellerman writes.
His book would benefit from a more sustained focus on precisely that "secret" and abusive history he claims to offer--the overweening emphasis on sexual sins, the power confession gave to priests, and the requirement that young children confess.
Haaretz dubbed the event a "crude promotiona transparent and overweening attempt to generate buzz.
May's most enduring hero, Winnetou, wages a heroic, doomed battle against the railroad and white settlement, and the books' juxtaposition of bareback-riding freedom and overweening state power (plus a heavy dose of Christianity) made them an underground sensation behind the Iron Curtain.
But what will really disturb you when you come to vote was the overweening lust for power, the brutality and ruthlessness of these men.
Unfortunately, some of the coverage of the report failed to make clear the connection between cause (civilization's overweening appetites) and effect (dead animals).
COMMENTARY: | Staniforth draws here on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar to suggest that the Kaiser's overweening ambition is being checked by military realities.
The guy oozes health--despite a diagnosis of prostate cancer over a decade ago--plus an overweening confidence.