overwhelming part

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The overwhelming part of oil produced in Azerbaijan falls on ACG block.
The district administration office ostalbkreis sends its overwhelming part by letter post to the leitregion "73".
There are some extremely sad moments in this film, with loss and grief being an overwhelming part of a centenarian's life, and as each tries to hold on to their independence, but ultimately you will be inspired and amazed.
There are some very sad moments in this film- with loss and grief being an overwhelming part of a centenarian's life and as each tries desperately to hold on to their independence.
That is no news whatsoever to many societies and the overwhelming part of the world population, especially in the developing world.
The overwhelming part of the list has his fingerprints all over it, leaving very little room for Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu to establish his future team.
Bussemaker rightfully points at the latent and even manifest discrimination of the buitenkampers, for the overwhelming part Indo-Europeans.
The overwhelming part was that it was his father as the only one that has had one.
In cigarettes, which form the overwhelming part of tobacco sales, volumes rose on the back of reduced black market sales and, towards the end of the year, stockpiling ahead of an imminent tax increase.
Mississippi is an overwhelming part of my memory and a significant part of my present life.
Mitochondrial DNA results also need to be compared with as-yet-unrecovered ancient DNA from cells' nuclei, Jakobsson says, which makes up "the overwhelming part of the human genome.
Overwhelming part of spare cash available for investors are invested in financial instruments and not allocated for business lending.