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29 /PRNewswire/ -- A novice gambler accused and acquitted of charges that he cheated on a Greektown Casino game sued the gambling parlor Monday, saying he was targeted by overzealous casino security officials who violated their own policy by having him arrested.
The anarchic, criminal side of black metal is emphasized not only by Ruch's contribution but also by the work's allusion to a series of church burnings in Norway pinned on overzealous fans.
Electroshock therapy might "reset" overzealous nerve cells in the brain and reduce their norepinephrine production, Kling hypothesizes.
system of justice is a stringent set of procedural safeguards to protect against overzealous or arbitrary prosecution.
The problems bedeviling the marque date back to the end of Sir William Lyons' reign, and were exacerbated by overzealous business school grads-cum-marketing majors at Ford who saw the British car maker as a license to print money.
In too many cases, overzealous school administrators pressure parents to treat fidgety students with dangerous drugs such as Ritalin.
An overzealous leap can land you right into a lounge chair.
While some of his followers are advertising McCreevy as a "Celtic Thatcher" because of his strong tree-market convictions, many EU commissioners began as celebrated market liberals yet left Brussels as overzealous regulators and interventionists.
Overzealous wardens under pressure to issue parking tickets to meet targets are costing London hauliers thousands of pounds every year, logistics giant Exel has claimed.
I believe the proposed bylaws amendment regarding member-based initiatives is overzealous and overreacting to recent CalCPA history.
Coun David Parker, the council's finance spokesman, said: "While the council is aware the issuing of reminders during the first month of the billing period could be construed as unnecessarily overzealous, it is because we are aware of our responsibility towards the vast majority of taxpayers who pay their instalments promptly.