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In their overzealousness to keep spectators happy and get their schedule under control, USTA lost sight of their single most important stakeholder: the athletes who play the game and fill the stadiums.
New African converts, as exemplified in this case, goaded both by overzealousness on their own individual part as well as by over-enthusiastic masters, assumed that traditional African religions and Christianity must be opposed one to the other.
And there is no question in our minds but that the veteran legislator was guilty of anything beyond a moment of rhetorical overzealousness.
He seems intended mainly to illustrate the absurdity of overzealousness in assuming responsibility, the inability to acknowledge one's limits, and the inadequacy of religious explanations for tragedy.
Tyrrell attributes ir also to the overzealousness of temperance activists who propelled Prohibition.
All too often overzealousness by an employer attempting to apply too long a period and/or over too far a radius from the initial workplace, can void a covenant not to compete.
Sure, overzealousness and sheer frustration kinlish at lamentable referee Martin Atk son resulted in a booking, but Dalgl won't mind provided Torres retains the that has returned to his belly.
He might well, in the absence of any other viable contention, have hoped to capitalize on the District Attorney's overzealousness to obtain a sympathetic response from the jury.
According to Ignatov, however, the scandal is a technical mistake resulting from Kodzhabasheva's overzealousness for her job.
She stresses that the Inquisition was deemed a failure by Spanish authorities and Zumarraga chastised for overzealousness.
Ministry of Information minions may well have engaged in rewriting history, but this is overzealousness rather than mischievousness, for even the authors of Oman in History could not reinvent history.
His explanation cited overzealousness on Oracle's part.