owe money

See: overdraw
References in classic literature ?
Don't doubt it, that's how it is; you have sold your soul, and what is more you owe money, so you daren't say a word.
If companies owe money to Kirklees Council they actually owe money to the people.
Countries don't owe money to each other, countries owe money to banks.
Debt among the 14 per cent of households that owe money has increased by PS5 on last year, despite the mild winter, following a series of price hikes, the poll by uSwitch found.
Asked on whether it was possible to suspend legal action against people who owe money to agencies like the inland revenue department, Votsis said it would not be easy.
The survey found that 17 percent of people say they still owe money on student loans taken out to help with their post-secondary education.
For years the politicians have promised to reform the justice system to ensure those who owe money are not imprisoned.
According to new research by Prudential, more than half (56%) of those carrying debt into retirement will owe money on credit cards, while 21% have outstanding bank loans and 43% will still be paying off their mortgages.
Prudential said that 43% of people retiring in debt this year will owe money on their mortgages, compared with 50% a year ago.
AP) -- Ivy Tech Community College is joining a program that docks the income tax refunds of students who owe money on their tuition bills or haven't repaid financial aid" after withdrawing from classes.
TENS of thousands of struggling households who owe money to their energy supplier will be freed up to switch to cheaper deals.
The company is also believed to owe money to hundreds of people who invested in a scheme, in which they bought vouchers to redeem for gold at a later date.