own exclusively

See: monopolize
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US Foods offers more than 350,000 nationally branded products along with its own exclusively branded items across multiple food and non-food categories.
Based in Walnut, in Southern California, Seavenger's on-site showroom and adjacent warehouse features a vast selection of brand name equipment including IST, Body Glove, Cressi, Tilos, TUSA, XS, Akona and many more including our own exclusively manufactured Seavenger line of products.
Why, then, should Centro, AWM and a number of local authorities continually both preach to the general public how to run their lives and, worse still, use their levers of power to constrain the free movement of people in their vehicles as much as possible, to pursue their own exclusively public transport agenda?
Travel between Britain and France will be by our executive air-conditioned coaches through the Channel Tunnel on our own exclusively booked Le Shuttle with all the savings of duty-free shopping.