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[French, Hear ye.] A word used in some courts by the public crier to indicate that a proclamation is about to be made and to command attention to it.


‘hear ye’. Listen up. Here comes the judge.

OYEZ, practice. Hear; do you hear. In order to attract attention immediately before he makes proclamation, the cryer of the court cries Oyez, Oyez, which is generally corruptly pronounced O yes.

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Meanwhile, the Oyez website, first known as the "Oyez Project" website, now digitally catalogs all available recordings back to 1955.
We turned to the Compendium's listing of retirement and death dates (in its table of natural courts) to resolve what appeared to be two discrepancies in departure dates Oyez listed for Justices Bradley and Hughes (first departure).
A small, short, hangdog, bloodshot-eyed man, he had been, my grandmother said, a full-blooded Oyez town crier but had come down in the world.
He argued that the excess wheat was unrelated to commerce since he grew it for his own use," according to Oyez.
As in "Black Book," which "Winter" approaches on a cinematic level, Liberation-set scenes forcefully drive home the point that the war may be oyez, but there's no going back to how things were earlier.
Birmingham based telecommunications firm LegalTXhas signed a new deal with part of the Oyez Straker Group, the UK's leading independent office supplies and services company.
Northwestern University Law School faculty maintains the Oyez Project, an online archive of Supreme Court media.
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The most comprehensive source for argument recordings is the Oyez Project, which can be accessed at http://www.
Laronde and David Oyez, artistic director of Buddies in Bad Times, introduced Beyer to her first Canadian audience.
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