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The pacemaker lead tension can irritate the endothelial side of venous wall, especially at the site of multiple leads intersection.
Pacemaker lead that enters from SVC into the right atrium was observed to be adherent to septal leaflet of the tricuspid valve and then to extend through right ventricular apex.
Follow-up blood cultures remained negative but thrombotic material scraped from the pacemaker leads was analyzed by culture.
Only the tip of the pacemaker lead remained fixed in the myocardium, and surgical removal involving extracorporal circulation was not attempted.
Magovern, who has been working on the concept for 10 years, became interested in the ability of other muscles to take on the duties of the heart after seeing a patient whose pacemaker lead had shifted so that it butted up against the chest muscle instead of the heart.
Iatrogenic perforation of the posterior mitral valve leaflet: a rare complication of pacemaker lead placement.
Pacemaker lead displacement can result in myocardial irritability (18), increased pacing thresholds, failure to capture, or failure to sense (19).
The first patient underwent 3D angiography of the coronary sinus to guide a biventricular defibrillator implantation with a left ventricular pacemaker lead.
Product Innovations/Introductions II-41 BIOTRONIK's Cylos 990 Pacemaker Gains CE Approval II-41 Iranian Researchers Develop Innovative Batteries for Pacemakers II-41 US Researchers Develop Heart Pacemaker Lead System II-41 Sorin Group Introduces REPLY[TM] Pacemakers in Europe II-41 Zephyr[TM] Pacemakers Gain FDA & CE Mark Approvals II-42 St.