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The activists are planning to continue protests till the decision to put down the pachyderm is reversed.
1 -- color) Billy, above, a 23-year-old Asian bull elephant, is currently the only pachyderm living at the L.
Among the key components in the operation of the massive pachyderm are the load-sensing valves, in this case, Sauer-Danfoss PVG 32 valves.
The warfighters got what they needed, so it worked out--but the point is, there was nothing small about the Pachyderm, despite assertions to the contrary.
On the morning of July 20, 1970, hundreds of curious people lined the streets to see the uncommon pachyderm parade.
One passionate pachyderm, perhaps mistaking Julie's immense choppers for ivory, became noticeably aroused.
This is pachyderm polo a surprisingly fast-paced pastime played with multiton elephants.
The Japanese researchers who dubbed a pachyderm secretion to be "hipposudoric acid" seem to know more about biochemistry than about etymology ("Red Sweat: Hippo skin oozes antibiotic sunscreen," SN: 5/29/04, p.
Play Dead; Real Time (Douglas (Gordon) Flanked in memory by Chris Marker's pachyderm tribute Slon-Tango and the monumental Serras that have graced the same space, Gordon's site-specific video installation at Gagosian had a ghostly weight.
Nonetheless, thanks to some plaster and a specially equipped "air ride" truck, the slow-moving pachyderm and more than 100 prehistoric animal fossils made the voyage from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Miami, Florida, without incident.
The identification with Thomas Nast's pachyderm was visceral and largely unthinking.
The trunk and large ears of this puppet mask announce its identity as a pachyderm, and bold designs lend vitality to its performance.