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Len Gougeon's essay also focuses upon Emerson's abolitionist zeal, arguing that "Emersonian Transcendentalism was never pacifistic in its orientation" (485).
If only we could convince the youths of Tottenham, Clapham, Birmingham and Manchester to stop so avidly and obsessively reading their copies of Dawkins' The God Delusion, Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Darwin's On the Origin of Species and start reading the pacifistic Christian Bible, instead we would see this kind of violence stop overnight
45pm THE cheerful theme of the day is watching people we don't particularly like receiving a good kicking, so wipe that pacifistic smile off your face and get ready to take delight in the pain of others, writes Michael Brear.
Indeed, for all of his eloquence and passion, Blair left behind a Britain that is far more anti-American, pacifistic, and inert on the world stage than it was when he became prime minister in 1997.
The former received applause because it argues that China should not to be blamed for its efforts in "preserving its own unity and sovereignty" and highlights the unfairness in "the popular narrative of the pacifistic Buddhist Tibetans as the good guys and the Han Chinese as the bad-guy aggressors" (Raimondo, 2008).
In point of fact, in his introduction Michael Jerryson writes that the foremost motivation for compiling this book was, "the goal of disrupting the social imaginary that holds Buddhist traditions to be exclusively pacifistic and exotic" (3).
The media circus of today once again needs ideologues, in the sense that it needs effective thinkers (it does not matter if they are bellicose or pacifistic, from the right or the left, spiritualistic or scientific), so that we can believe that these polarities still have meaning.
This Lucy is a scientific wonder, a hybrid ape-human who appears to be a normal teenage girl but has many of the social instincts of the pacifistic bonobo.
On this standard reading of the early patristic era, history tends to be pressed into the service of Christian social ethics: the portrait of the early church as pacifistic by conviction is meant to be prescriptive.
A South Carolina newspaper raised the possibility of pacifistic Quakers taking over the reins of government.
In his home country of Russia, he is just as famous for his egalitarian, pacifistic views.
Thus, by borrowing the symbol of the Euphrates from Vergil and using it in his own pacifistic elegiac poetry, Propertius can add his own commentary on current political affairs through intertextual dialogue with the epic poet.