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Come, come," continued he, patting Edmond's shoulder kindly, "you did very right, Dantes, to follow Captain Leclere's instructions, and touch at Elba, although if it were known that you had conveyed a packet to the marshal, and had conversed with the emperor, it might bring you into trouble.
It was not necessary to knock his friend on the head with the misguided packet.
No, no, it is not in the militia,” cried Elizabeth, showing the packet in her hand, and then drawing it back with a coquettish air;
The packet burst as she did so, and the floor became strewed with bank-notes.
very well," replied Colbert, and placing his hat between his knees, he began to unseal the packet.
7000 feet, dipping our beam to an incoming Washington packet.
There is a crack packet - crack packet o' fame, She hails from Noo York, an' the Dreadnought's her name.
Letterblair unlocked a drawer and drew out a packet.
If you keep His laws I don't think He can care a packet of pins whether you believe in Him or not.
Nastasia Philipovna seized the packet of bank-notes.
Prince Andrew went to one and took out a small casket, from which he drew a packet wrapped in paper.
carrying what looked like a packet of sandwiches, but proved to be his requisites for the night done up in a neat paper parcel.