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The size and packing density of the coated particles are dependent on the batch size, atomization pressure, and the amount of coating liquid.
In the binary mixtures based on PP and org-MMT, for the effective breakup of org-MMT agglomerates, matrix viscosity played an important role especially when the org-MMT was capable of compensating for the entropy loss of confined polymer chains by having appropriate initial interlayer distance and packing density.
2 and 3 show the surface and internal microstructure of CPVC specimens with different fiber diameters and packing density obtained via different methods.
Rausch puts an emphasis on the development of energy-efficient and powerful server and storage systems by combining a high packing density with capable hardware components.
One of the most studied problems involving permutations is the packing density problem stated below.
Part of the samples was subjected to washing with water heated at 90 [degrees]C and the physical properties of the fibers were determined according to the methodologies proposed by Marhol (1982): moisture content (MC), degree of swelling (DS), packing density (PD), apparent density (AD) and specific mass (SM).
These technologies present a flexible solution package for inline inspection of single and double-sided PCB assemblies with high packing density.
The total number of oocytes per individual (TV) and stage-specific oocyte packing density did not differ significantly between S.
Analytical techniques such as packing density, ICP-OES, XRD, SEM, EDS, high temperature sintering behavior and Raman spectroscopy were performed.
The abrasive cleaning particles have packing density between about 50kg/[m.
As with all blast freezers and rapid chillers actual performance is also determined by packing density.
As solder paste materials continue to reduce in grain size, the finer packing density makes them behave a bit differently.