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Indoor air temperature was significantly and negatively correlated with animal packing density, but the reason was unknown.
Therefore, the encapsulated nanoparticle layer has high packing density and possesses strong bonding between the particles and the substrate due to the encapsulated organic material.
At the same time, particle agglomeration needs to be minimized to improve the packing density of the particles.
The high packing density and modular design of SUPRApak allows for extremely high surface area in a compact footprint.
These size and weight improvements increase packing density to allow for 6 solar modules rather than 3 per box, thus enabling a significant reduction in transportation costs.
5mm permit extraordinary packing density and therefore enable the integration of the protection circuitry within most of the battery pack without own space requirement.
These positions were the bottom, where particles would sediment with time forming a highest packing density of SiC, and the top, 0.
have now taken a closer look at the lower limit on packing density.
The Penumbra Coil 400 has the potential to achieve higher packing density than other coils on the market and with fewer coils, especially in large aneurysms.
HydroCoil implants resulted in a higher packing density with less coil length (reduction of 20%(1) as compared to bare platinum) due to its expansion properties: 63.
The results may be astonishing, but according to the lattice model, there is a clear distinction between the effects of molecular packing density due to cooling, which produces difference in the number of voids (as observed when the mold temperature is varied) and the molecular packing density due to hydrostatic compression (when holding pressure is varied), which results in the same number of voids, only their size is reduced and no significant difference in free volume fraction.