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The result is a machine consisting of two rollers which can be used as a calibration unit, calender, foam padder, squeezing unit or printing unit.
Built to handle pipeline diameters of 36 inches and greater, the Super Padder is built to screen huge piles of dirt for ditch padding.
Other advantages include no contamination of the web, equal distribution of the bonding powder in the web and none of the disadvantages of liquid impregnation such as high quantities of water to be evaporated and squeezing of the web due to padder impregnation.
Also featured at the GMC booth was a "Bicoflex" pad, a pneumatic roll compensating padder for applying dyes and finishes to nonwovens.
Business stocks manufacturers including Rieker, equity shoes, DB and padders.
Brand names include Padders, Rieker, Sandpiper, DB, Freed and Equity Dance Shoes.
He was gracious in the face of success that most athletes would have used as an excuse to act like the brats and rap sheet padders we've become accustomed to.
com)-- Award-winning, comfort shoes provider Padders is discounting a selection of its best selling ladies and men's shoes by 25% through its website Padders.