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SALISBURY stages a paean to the British Racing School today when the 11-runner finale is contested entirely by graduates of the Newmarket-based centre.
In one of the production's most indelible moments, Streit sings a paean to passion while pawing his pal Lucano (tenor Nicholas Phan) in a duet of mutual attraction.
BILL Clinton's speech at the Labour conference was a paean of praise for Tony Blair.
Highly recommended for its evocative power, its warning about abusing nature, and its paean to the abiding human spirit in the face of unimaginable hardship.
The lead track on Woman Dangerous, "Simple Life," is an anthem for Roberts's return, a paean to being yourself and not making apologies.
Method is--in Taylor-esque tradition--a modern paean to the glory of male athleticism.
That epic paean to a slave-era South had caused blacks so much pain that it was amazing that he could say such a thing.
Aside from its allusions to a number of ancient Chinese symbols such as the square and circle representing heaven and earth, the theatre is a paean to Modernism.
As published in the paper's February 24 edition, Swed opined that "Richard Strauss' epic opera 'Die Frau Ohne Schatten' (The Woman Without a Shadow) is an incomparably glorious and goofy anti-abortion paean.
The Giants big wave paean featured such aquatic marvels as Greg "Da Bull" Noll attempting to explain his penchant for big drops to the New York Times.
The second number at each show is an obligatory paean to the regime; the group speeds through it in two minutes.
The poem is an indictment of her African roots and a paean to her captors and their religion.