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We did not spare them but we paid dearly for our victory.
The Bush Administration has paid dearly for its inept policy in the Middle East.
The auditors never uncovered the fraud, for which they paid dearly.
PLYMOUTH paid dearly for their inability to deal with set-pieces by conceding two killer first-half goals.
Rosa and Tyrone have tried to skate on top of the system, while May and Charlie have paid dearly for trying to change it.
English judicial astrologers paid dearly for their moment of glory during
They also pointed out that women paid dearly for the few cancer-free years they gained.
Brighton with a weakened line-up and only one replacement due to severe traffic problems in the end paid dearly for missed tackles but they staged an excellent fight back after finding themselves 7-22 down in the second-half.
OAP Gilbert McDonald paid dearly for falling victim to the rip-off merchants.
Last month, a film production company paid dearly to use the retreat grounds for 28 days to shoot a TV movie.
The few that have found money have taken months to locate it, accepted it from obscure offshore sources and paid dearly in terms of valuation.