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A better understanding of neuropathic pain mechanisms in rheumatic diseases will provide a more targeted approach to pain treatment.
1 The underlying pain mechanisms in TTH are highly dynamic and the outcomes of these mechanisms seem to be varied in frequency and intensity among different individuals and even the same individual over time.
This finding suggests that NO and not D-serine may be involved in the pain mechanisms of PHN.
This pain mechanism is related to altered CNS circuitry and processing.
In the absence of central pain mechanisms as the primary cause of symptoms, ULNTs are generally accepted as tests biased towards the mechanosensitivity of nerve roots, brachial plexus and peripheral nerve trunks (Nee et al 2012).
We have known that TRPA1 is very important in sensing environmental irritants, inflammatory pain, and itch, and so knowing more about how TRPA1 works is important for understanding basic pain mechanisms.
The Brain Adapting With Pain: Contribution of Neuroimaging Technology to Pain Mechanisms
19) Future clinical care and research will necessarily focus on specific disease etiologies and pain mechanisms if we are to continue to improve the care of women with CPP.
While much is known about the mechanisms involved in acute pain and analgesia, chronic pain mechanisms remain largely a mystery.
In 1991 Dahl JB, Kehlet H (6): studied the rationale use of NSAIDS in acute painful conditions is on rise, based on improved understanding of pain mechanisms and multimodal analgesia.
Once this central generator is activated, it initiates two peripheral pain mechanisms in the meninges: vasodilation of meningeal blood vessels and neurogenic inflammation.
Central pain mechanisms in chronic pain states-maybe it is all in their head.