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Both lessons -- about the slowness and painfulness of bank reconstruction, and about dependence on a large external provider of capital -- are unpalatable.
noted the "anguish and suffering that continue for many people who live in the Middle East" and "the complexity and the painfulness of the controversies in which Christians, Jews and Muslims are involved in the Middle East" (New Bridges, 1996 [section]9).
Retinal red" is the color seen whenever the characters close their eyes, be it in physical pain or in recollection, or to mark the painfulness of a recollection.
Dunbar added: "I think there is a freshness and pathos and a painfulness about a young person coming to terms with things in their lives that are very real and immediate.
In a play that "very much concerns itself with the painfulness of the transition from Catholicism to Protestantism" (3)--and where that Protestantism can be an extraordinarily numbing Calvinism--Hamlet's own evolution mirrors that painful transition.
The constructedness of this desire becomes evident in the reinterpretation of the painfulness of unrequited or lost love to express the oppression experienced by queers.
This dialogic reconstruction goes hand in hand with the anger Krog shows through her poetry, an anger that is articulated in poems about love, nature, the struggle, and the painfulness of emotions.
It treats the accumulation of lactic acid and painfulness caused by sports.
BALTIMORE -- When deciding which drug to prescribe a patient with restless legs syndrome, the frequency and painfulness of symptoms are crucial to making the correct choice, Dr.
We are suffering, not from the rheumatics of old age but from the growing-pains of over-rapid changes, from the painfulness of readjustment between one economic period and another.
But, Dostoevsky continues, it is critical that the jurors be willing to judge their fellow man, despite the painfulness of such a task, for "truth is higher than your pain" (PSS 21: 15).