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Zulekha Hospital has successfully treated a number of patients with the minimally invasive and painless ELT which can be completed in 30 minutes to an hour without any reoccurrence of the condition.
To provide context, the first chapter of the book gives a discussion of some important issues pertaining to the cultural necessity of making the imposition of the death penalty painless and humane.
Blood collection for testing with TAP100 is convenient and painless, and its availability is intended to increase patient compliance with necessary test orders, providing doctors with more timely data on which to base diagnoses and treatment decisions," said Weisman.
Not only is the nasal spray needle-free and painless, it also works even better than the injected flu vaccine with fewer side effects.
Painless swelling of the scrotum that feels like " a bag of worms".
The state-of-the-art, Painless Laser technology from Kaya Skin Clinic is not only an effective option to conventional hair removal techniques but also gets rid of unwanted body hair permanently without hurting.
He says he and his wife are more like friends than a couple and now I want us to be a proper couple but he says I have to wait until he finds the most painless way to organise their split.
I prepared to let Ol' Painless do what she seemed destined for.
PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH: AN EMPOWERING JOURNEY THROUGH PREGNANCY AND BIRTH is a pick family libraries will want: it explores the relationship between the nine months of fetal development in the womb and nine basic human rights, advising mothers to participate in both creation and their own rights to a painless childbirth on their own terms.
Other reported symptoms you need to know include sudden painless weakness on one side of the body, painless loss of vision, or sudden difficulties in understanding, saying or writing words.
The chipping itself takes the form of a simple and virtually painless injection.
A painless necrotic lesion on the left fourth finger measured 3 [cm.