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In summary, the NSERC DG system is incredibly fair and painstakingly careful with the evaluation process and criteria, but it simply does not have enough money.
Andy Kozar, an All-American fullback at Tennessee in 1952, has painstakingly compiled and annotated the General's fabulous notebooks.
The company's old facade as little more than a jumped-up loan sharking operation had been painstakingly scraped off, leaving instead a glitzy, well-oiled outfit that looks like it has a serious business plan.
The workers can each make four balls an hour, painstakingly hand-sewing 108 perfect stitches along the seams.
Painstakingly shot by LaVoi as if Barbie were life-size, the tableaux draw almost entirely from his collection of over 100 mint-condition Barbie, Ken, and Midge dolls, countless vintage outfits, and fleet of Barbie dream cars.
No longer will camera phone users have to painstakingly type out Email addresses.
The stagecoach, painstakingly recreated by Amish craftsmen, was built for the movie ``The Magnificent Seven.
It is unfortunate that indigenous and non-indigenous Anglicans did not sit down together and painstakingly read the fine print in this agreement prior to the signing.
With your manager's help, painstakingly walk through your current system's processes from beginning to end -- from patient registration to payment posting.
The depth of research and painstakingly careful documentation in this book are particularly useful.
In a lively text, Jackson painstakingly takes readers through the transformation of Mason Randolph--a Stanford Law School-bound buppie--into "Malik" Randolph, a temporary resident homey of a "hood somewhere past Harlem's 125th Street.
painstakingly irrelevant as to be offensive," said Johnson, who also had not read the book.