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This process normally ensures paintability, but it must be audited periodically to determine whether parts really are clean.
To successfully realise FiatCOs eye-catching concept of a large bumper with outstanding scratch resistance, a Class A smooth surface finish and good paintability, Borealis worked closely with parts moulder Ersi (Poland) and Fiat to find the ideal material solution.
They provide an alternative to conventional solvent-based, water-repellent preservatives while retaining effectiveness, rapid drying qualities and excellent paintability.
Resins produced with the Catalloy process have been used by designers to reduce weight, provide scratch-resistant dashboards and a broad range of soft and rigid bumper materials that meet current requirements on paintability, impact/stiffness balance and thermal expansion.
made of unfinished medium density fiberboard, a recycled wood product with structural integrity, smooth paintability, and splinterless edges.
The base polymer determines specific characteristics, such as what materials it will adhere to, how easily joints can be smoothed, durability and paintability.
They were developed either for better surface characteristics, or paintability or better formability--or most recently and most importantly, for lighter weight and higher strength applications, as with the so-called bake-hardenable steels.
All three notions refer to the painterly qualities or paintability of poetry, each of which is definable in various ways but does not necessarily mean "painting" in poetry in terms of Su Shi's poetics.
Some of these extractives, for example, affect pulpability, newsprint bleachability, paintability, decay and insect resistance, corrosiveness, staining potential, color, odor, and allergical reactions[4].
Available in black or grey, it also offers good paintability and has high UV resistance.
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