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Special functional silicone fluids and emulsions reportedly give unique lubricity and multiple release effects, or allow easier paintability.
All three notions refer to the painterly qualities or paintability of poetry, each of which is definable in various ways but does not necessarily mean "painting" in poetry in terms of Su Shi's poetics.
Some of these extractives, for example, affect pulpability, newsprint bleachability, paintability, decay and insect resistance, corrosiveness, staining potential, color, odor, and allergical reactions[4].
Available in black or grey, it also offers good paintability and has high UV resistance.
Providing desirable processing and reactivity for use in moisture-cure systems because of its low viscosity, VORAMER MN Prepolymer eliminates extra work and time associated with stripping old coatings and provides distinct advantages when compared to incumbent products, including performance in standing water, resistance to dirt pick up and strong adhesion and paintability.
Part surface smoothness, pigmentation and paintability can be enhanced.
Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a widespread material extensively used as high-performance elastomers or strong thermoplastics in a wide variety of applications that require high impact, wear, oils and solvents resistances, adhesion, paintability, etc.
Sugar maple wood is appreciated not only for its working properties (machinability, sandability, paintability, and stainability) by industry, but also for its light color (ivory white).
ExxonMobil Chemical developed Exxtral polyolefin grades, which underwent extensive testing to make sure the mechanical and long-term aging properties, and paintability, met Chevrolet's requirements.
Ryntz has also written one book, Adhesion to Plastics: Molding and Paintability.
The author of more than 75 papers and an inventor on 25 patents in the paint and plastics field, Ryntz also has written one book, Adhesion to Plastics: Molding and Paintability and edited three books, Plastics and coatings: Durability, Stabilization and Testing, Service Life Prediction: Challenging the Status Quo, and Coatings of Polymers and Plastics.