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Guests at a fundraiser in Cannes were stunned when, having ordered fish and salad, actress Faye Dunaway whipped out a pair of scales and proceeded to weigh the leaves.
She says she doesn't own a pair of scales but has instead kept hold of a pair of lime-green satin designer trousers.
Police said they found 84 grams of cannabis during the car search and an additional 16 grams and a pair of scales during a follow-up search of their homes.
The drugs, in a carrier bag with a small pair of scales, were discarded through a window when police came to his home, Teesside Crown Court heard.
She said: "I haven't had a pair of scales in the house since because I think they're really bad for me.
EatSmart Products has your beck coming and going this holiday season with a pair of scales to help you to eat healthier and avoid those celebratory bulges: the Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale and Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale.