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However, till date, researchers have had no clear understanding of how the X chromosomes actually suddenly pair off so quickly and consistently allowing this to happen.
2 At the start of meiosis, a cellular division process that creates sex cells, chromosomes align and pair off.
On the first day of practice (indoors), we will pair off the pitchers and have them throw 30 pitches from the two indoor pitching mounds in our gym - one pitcher throwing and the other charting.
We will see more of these in the near future -- more alliances, more joint ventures, more strategic relationships as everyone rushes to pair off," said Parsons.
The dark venue allows traders to pair off on market-on-open (MOO) and market-on-close (MOC) orders without displaying their orders in the open-market or being constrained by exchange order windows.
As expected, the players hail from the four provincial champions, who pair off in this weekend's All-Ireland semifinals.
Curator Matt Lewis said: "We have put our expanded group of lovebirds in a new larger aviary and some of the birds have already started to pair off and show positive courting behaviour.
as d a pair off amme ut top of the s and e estelling ingles all time ar.
IT'S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE This cool lm features Heroes star Sendhil Ramamurthy, Sanjeev Bhasjkar, Zoe Wanamaker, Mark Addy and Sally Hawkins in a story about a mum whose attempts to pair off her daughter end in serial murder.