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The pattern of pair formation that was most often observed involved pairing of a lone returner with another available bird.
But they were one of the Foothill League's top pairings by season's end.
What I had read up until then about wine and cheese pairing was wildly divergent, and I found it hard to trust so many different wine and cheese pairing recommendations.
LPD mentor training covers the history and roles of mentors and proteges, the success factors for mentor-protege pairings, practical hints and suggestions, and general expectations mentors and proteges have of each other.
The Carmen Crew Pairing project at Qantas was initialized in December 2005, and the first production delivery was made after only six weeks.
The pleasure of drinking and pairing light to medium-bodied white wines, such as Pinot Gris, with a variety of foods, however, is indisputable: Pinot Gris is one of the most agreeable and eager-to-please wines known to man and woman enolphiles alike; it is food-friendly, easy to drink, and for the most part, inexpensive.
The range of orange, pepper, vanilla, and fig make it an excellent pairing.
In early April, those submitting only half of the required pairing will be invited to a ``matchmaker'' session, where they will view slides of unattached artwork and examples of orphaned poetry.
In copper oxide superconductors, lattice vibrations alone are not strong enough to maintain the necessary electron pairing at elevated temperatures.
However, there is still confusion regarding pairing and serving the two, and that's where the Dow's Cheese Course comes in.
In conventional, low-temperature superconductors, this pairing is facilitated by vibrations of the crystal lattice through which the electrons travel.