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Medicine was the means to palliate the effects of overwork, deprivation, and neglect, and has been called "an integral part of the slave-based sugar production process" (l).
Baraka asserted that the project could generate job opportunities in rural areas and palliate partially to the employment crisis in Morocco.
The costs of corporatism are visible all around us: dysfunctional corporations that survive despite their gross inability to serve their customers; sclerotic economies with slow output growth, a dearth of engaging work, scant opportunities for young people; governments bankrupted by their efforts to palliate these problems; and increasing concentration of wealth in the hands of those connected enough to be on the right side of the corporatist deal.
Appropriate and effective care can help to palliate the many unpleasant symptoms associated with end-stage dementia.
Sedation to unconsciousness happens only in cases where this level of sedation is required to effectively palliate symptoms, but the degree of sedation cannot and should not be predicted from the onset.
While they are told that to palliate crime is to be guilty of its perpetration; to knowingly mistake oppression for peace is cowardly; to stay silent in the face ofoppression is un-American, not so India.
For example, we have the world's best cancer survival rates due, in part, to our willingness to pay for the expensive drugs that palliate and sometimes cure it.
We also continue strong cost control measures to palliate the impact of the recession.
I know how to read pulmonary capillary wedge pressures, defibrillate, triage, dialyse, intubate, cannulate, aspirate, rehabilitate, palliate, and attend to the deceased.
Powell (director, Institute of Classics and Ancient History, University of Wales) places the work of Virgil into his contemporary politics, examining the logic and literary genres of Virgil's poems and arguing that the guiding purpose of his Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid was to address and palliate the unpopularity and weaknesses of Octavian.