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It is also conceivable that maximising cardiac output by proper maternal positioning during gestation and labour could play a role in palliating pre-eclampsia, since poor placental perfusion is a factor in that condition.
Gillock sometimes translates the French passive voice as a reflexive verb (divides itself instead of is divided), calls a blackbird a black robin (a rare New Zealand species that Messiaen never transcribed) writes Sharngndera instead of Sharngadeva in referring to the medieval Indian music theorist, and eviscerates Rilke's phrase that even' angel is terrifying (schrecklich, from the first Duino elegy) with the palliating word impressive.
As Chalmers Johnson argued, the Pentagon has played a decisive role in palliating American anger over mercantilist trade policies in several host nations.
He devoted his life to the goal of curing, not palliating, schizophrenia.
The "illness" of poverty likewise cannot be cured by palliating the trials of the poor with a few thousand (or a few trillion) dollars, spread here and there.
The doctor informs her that it is a stage IV tumor and that treatment will be aimed at controlling and palliating the disease.
The goal of the data fusion is therefore to improve the quality of information while reducing imprecision and the uncertainty, and while palliating the lack of data in the time and in the space.