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True undescended testes were defined as testes that were non-palpable or palpable in the lower or upper inguinal canal, or those that could be manipulated into the upper scrotum with spermatic cord tension.
Only UDT palpable at or distal to the external inguinal ring were included in the study.
RESULTS: Out of fifty palpable breast lumps ultrasound diagnosed the lump in 42 cases thus the overall sensitivity of ultrasound was 84%.
Despite our lack of a multidisciplinary specialised clinic, MTT accurately classified patients with palpable breast masses with minimal invasiveness.
The objective of our study was to compare the efficacy and complications of single incision low trans scrotal versus standard two incision inguinal orchidopexy in children with palpable undescended testes.
Karliner recommended the following algorithm when evaluating a woman with a palpable mass.
An "overweight" cat's ribcage and spine are not easily palpable, its waist is "absent" and there is "obvious abdominal distension.
While the pinup and homoerotic appeal of The Outsiders is obvious, more compelling is the palpable isolation, tenderness, and rage that binds this found family of outcasts, who alternately lash out in heartbreaking violence and cling to each other for relief.
Margaret Severin-Hansen's palpable ease and delight complemented Pablo Javier Perez's ballon and strong jetes battus in their pas de deux as betrothed friends of the Prince.
The fear is very palpable - that is what we have to acknowledge and respond to.
is now so explicit, palpable, and omnipresent that it is ridiculous to pretend otherwise.
She had three palpable occipital lymph nodes, cervical lymphadenopathy, III/VI systolic murmur, two well-healed abdominal scars, a palpable liver 2 cm below the costal margin, and a palpable spleen.