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A boy hears a military band play on the field at night, and he has kings and queens and famous chivalry palpably before him.
He had often begun to make reflections or think aloud in her company, and she had always answered him either by a brief but appropriate remark- showing that it did not interest her- or by a silent look and smile which more palpably than anything else showed Pierre her superiority.
Her hair was palpably dyed--her hat was jauntily set on her head, and ornamented with a gay feather.
He is palpably relieved when he finds that this is not the case.
The reason given for the suspiciously sudden return of the bride and bridegroom was palpably a subterfuge--and, more remarkable still, the name of Anne Silvester was connected with it.
Lady Janet's reply pointed--not too palpably at first--at that second motive for Julian's journey which she had suspected Julian of concealing from her.
Tim thought this such an exquisite, unparalleled, and most extraordinary joke, that he laid his pen upon the inkstand, and rather tumbling off his stool than getting down with his usual deliberation, laughed till he was quite faint, shaking his head all the time so that little particles of powder flew palpably about the office.
Lute's eyes were quizzical as she asked with a tentativeness that was palpably assumed, "With--a--with Mr.
It was neither dated nor signed, and the handwriting was palpably disguised.
He was startled by the act itself certainly, and quite as much too by the palpably resolute character of this movement.
She had long been in the habit of resorting to it, under the pressure of such circumstances as were palpably beyond human redress, though her spirit and resolution rarely needed support under those that admitted of reparation through any of the ordinary means of reprisal.
Pickwick's sense of propriety, but it was not the whole extent of the aggravation, for a stage-coach full, inside and out, was meeting them at the moment, and the astonishment of the passengers was very palpably evinced.