palpably false

References in classic literature ?
While the epic mania, while the idea that to merit in poetry prolixity is indispensable, has for some years past been gradually dying out of the public mind, by mere dint of its own absurdity, we find it succeeded by a heresy too palpably false to be long tolerated, but one which, in the brief period it has already endured, may be said to have accomplished more in the corruption of our Poetical Literature than all its other enemies combined.
Whatever petitioner Prashant Bhushan is alleging is palpably false.
To say that it has a friend and ally in Chavez is undoubtedly true, but to say that the Cuban revolution needs him in order to survive is palpably false.
Even in the long, sad, sorry, blood-drenched, lie-stained history of European nationalisms, the nonsense they spout is unique, and inspires me with curiosity about the origins of the strange, current Welsh fashion whereby the palpably false becomes absolute truth.
The claim that the appeal's humanitarian and political campaigning was funded improperly is palpably false.
This state of legal affairs is as palpably false as my fantasy that animal experimentation has been banned.
The Inquiry was, therefore, limited to the question of the Government's subjective belief in two propositions that have subsequently been demonstrated to all reasonable people as palpably false.
This is not surprising because the portion of her statement in quotes is palpably false.
In summary, Mr Palast's testimony to this court was disingenuous, evasive, biased and palpably false in numerous respects.
He said: "The claims you made were palpably false and this isn't one of those cases where a mere signature has continued a false claim which was originally legitimate.
UfC's Rab Lyon said: "This was a clear illustration that Mr McLean's claim that he can't find anyone to invest in Dundee United is palpably false.