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I suppose for any sporting event, when you get out on that track or in the ring, and you look at the person against who you are competing in a spirit of friendship but to win, I'm sure the heart palpitates and the mind says to itself, 'I'm not going to do this'.
My heart palpitates, and lately, the micro-aggressions have heightened to macro-aggressions.
Teaching is one of the most daring of all professions--indeed, I believe that perhaps next to neurosurgery it is the most daring--and teaching children to read and to understand what they read and to write and in their writing say what they mean, with precision, carries with it so formidable a responsibility that whenever I hear "If all else fails I'll go into teaching" my heart palpitates.
Each 28ft high tower has a hollow base that can be used for storage, signage or seating and each is topped with synthetic canvas that gently palpitates with light, bathing the park in a warm glow after dark.
Additionally, the new AS-MAX features a pulsating fan that gently palpitates the shrimp in the airstream to aid waste removal.
Moreover, that same awe of God's manifestations in nature resurges in poems dedicated to "Las rocas" and the millenarian immanence that palpitates inside them, like a "maternal lava," and quietly listens and understands eternity.
At night, the translucent membrane palpitates with light in a remarkable installation conceived by lighting designer Uwe Belzer.
At night, light palpitates gently through the delicate glass skin, dematerializing the building mass and hinting at the activities inside.