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Your head feels light, the heart palpitates, you feel strangely dizzy.
At night, light palpitates gently through the delicate glass skin, dematerializing the building mass and hinting at the activities inside.
Feliciano examines his views on class and religion; his apprenticeship in Paris (he studied at the Sorbonne with the help of a Rockefeller Fellowship); his interest in music and architecture; his fascination with a handful of artists, renaissance and existential, including Camus, Sartre, Unamuno, Antonin Artaud (whose theater of cruelty palpitates in Solorzano's stage), Calderon de la Barca, and Michel de Ghelderode; and his compulsion to articulate his mitopoesis around pre-Columbian rituals and medieval autos sacramentales.