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Also in the race was Mr Mwangi Kabacho who finished last after garnering a paltry 1,004,852 votes.
His refusal to apologise and the paltry PS22,000 for the girl he attacked when she was seven shows utter contempt.
It's only what she deserves and would mean more than your paltry settlement.
The PDP president's silence indicates the party's complicity in co- authoring this paltry flood relief package and has come as a shocking disappointment for thousands of flood victims"Mattu said.
Delhi Private School's Rahul Bhatia came up with a fine four-wicket spell as Elite English School were dismissed for a paltry 58 runs.
This paltry sum is an insult to people who had to endure weeks of misery and embarrassment where their bills went unpaid.
London, Sept 12 (ANI): Serena Williams escapes severe punishment for insulting an umpire during US Open tennis final, by paying a paltry of 2,000 dollars.
Illingworth, now plying his trade for Division Two Old Elizabethans, grabbed six for 21 to dismiss Aston Manor for a paltry 82.
TOTE punters had every right to feel aggrieved at Warwick yesterday when Jaques Vert took the closing bumper at a massive 25-1 but only returned a paltry win dividend of pounds 8.
38 LETTERS Fury over a paltry pension increase, disappointment at the postal strike call-off and a bollocking for the BBC.
I cannot be the only one who thinks it utterly insane that you can now be in London in a little over double the time it takes you to get from Liverpool to Manchester - a paltry 30 miles or so.
The veteran broadcaster attracted criticism when he wrote in the Radio Times that Goody represented EoACA[pounds sterling]all that is paltry and wretchedEoACA[yen] about modern Britain.