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The scholars who were analyzing and writing commentaries on the Pandects were training students who became a body of legal technicians who spread their program throughout Europe.
Of Geonget's three parts, the first is on the legal definitions and implications of perplexity, or antinomy, including discussion of Roman law, the Pandects, Montaigne, Rabelais, and twenty pages on Martin Guerre.
The Selective Voet being the Commentary on the Pandects [Paris Edition of 1829] by Johannes Voet [l647-1713], 8 vols.
To say Latin "Bible" is to mis-speak because pandects or works with all of the biblical books gathered together in one place were rare.
Digests or Pandects, compiled the writings of the great Roman jurists
This is why, says Alciato "we see Lorenzo Valla and others of his profession, even the most learned, when they try to restore Greek terms in the Pandects, except insofar as they have made use of the help offered by the old codices, have not got it right one time in ten, because they pay attention to words in isolation and know nothing of what the laws are intended to say.