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They ran forward, shouting warnings; but above the pandemonium of the trenches and the machine gun their voices could not reach him.
It was a pandemonium of pain, for, their parched throats softened by the water, they were again able to yelp and cry out loudly all their hurt and woe.
From the rear arose the rat-rat-tat of clubs on heads and a pandemonium of cursing, yelling, and shouting.
And then the leader charged, and upon the hideous pandemonium broke the sharp crack of my rifle, once, twice, thrice.
And sharp as a knife-thrust through the pandemonium came the agony of a stricken dog--his dog, he knew.
In frenzied excitement, Teeka fairly danced upon the limb which swayed beneath her great weight as she urged on the males of her people, and Thaka, and Mumga, and Kamma, with the other shes of the tribe of Kerchak, added their shrill cries or fierce barkings to the pandemonium which now reigned within the jungle.
All together they created such a pandemonium that it would have been necessary for you to put cotton in your ears.
An oath from Perrault, the resounding impact of a club upon a bony frame, and a shrill yelp of pain, heralded the breaking forth of pandemonium.
Then it descended, pandemonium broke loose, everything happened at once.
But I was enchanted by the appearance of the hut; here the snow and rain could not penetrate; the ground was dry; and it presented to me then as exquisite and divine a retreat as Pandemonium appeared to the demons of hell after their sufferings in the lake of fire.
There was pandemonium on the top deck and I heard a few screams but other than that most people were checking everybody was OK.
Then the whole scene just turned into pandemonium with fire engines, ambulances and police.