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The panegyrist likens himself to Homer, Vergil, Ovid, and Lucan, and his subject matter to epic and cosmic matters of antiquity: the rest of the poem matches these inflationary gestures, on several levels.
Reaching the panegyric after complaining about Fate, as is usually the case in a typical qasida, the "I" now emerges as a panegyrist.
The city's panegyrists described it as a cosmopolis, a place where the full diversity of the known world--its peoples, ideas, animals, plants and things of every kind--could be experienced in a single place.
The balladeers of the Orient have been replaced by the panegyrists of globalisation in singing the possibilities of Asia's safest democracy -- and its least controlled marketplace," writes Prasannarajan in his introduction.
Even though Coryate describes himself as "only a superficiall smatterer in learning" and is presented as such by the panegyrists who furnished parodic verses for the Crudities, Taylor insists upon a clear contrast between Coryate's pretenses and his own more humble position.
The temptation for comparison to Protestant Elizabeth, shut up by Catholic Mary only to emerge as queen, proved too great for Elizabeth's panegyrists.
In the Nick Adams stories, that "jungle" is hardly the romantic world painted by the panegyrists who celebrated the excitements of mounting a passing freight and riding long stretches through a myriad of small towns separated by stretches of woods and green meadows and pastures.
It likes panegyrists and beggars who walk to their parliamentary seat on their foreheads.
But it is in the explication of the insidious manner in which Casanova was distorted and then forgotten by reviewers and panegyrists that this book shines.