pangs of conscience

See: remorse
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The pity of it all is that, while you are depriving yourself of everything, I keep solacing myself with various amenities-- which is why I am telling you this, that the pangs of conscience may not torment me.
He welcomed wet days because on them he could stay at home without pangs of conscience and spend the afternoon with white of egg and a glue-pot, patching up the Russia leather of some battered quarto.
Now you may revive him," said Jane Porter, for she, too, had been haunted with the pangs of conscience which had resulted from her decision to prevent Clayton from offering succor to their companion.
Someone must be feeling some pangs of conscience and I hope they will break their silence.
Of Courtney's compatriots, Marcie (Julie Benz) will go along with anything to stay in the power group, while Julie (``Urban Legend's'' Rebecca Gayheart) gets pangs of conscience.
Felt pangs of conscience as tucked into full English cooked breakfast this morning - but in truth, didn't last long.
Tried to ignore pangs of conscience - and did pretty well.
The Galaxy players will awaken today with no pangs of conscience.
Suffering pangs of conscience, the finial phantom returned the piece.
Simon Dutton, as Claudius, carries the gravitas required by the role and hides the fact that Claudius is the villain who murdered and lied while Hamlet carried out his murders openly and suffers the pangs of conscience.
They allow us to try on new selves (Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms) or feel the pangs of conscience (T.
Ever since my first mission over Brandenburg, I had felt pangs of conscience, and, underneath all the grief, emotionalism and propaganda-nourished hatred, I had begun to question the morality of punishing the German people with our superior firepower," he later wrote.