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In lower mammals the panniculus carnosus was very well developed to form the pectoral group of muscles.
Tissue samples were obtained by excising the graft with a surrounding rim of normal skin and underlying panniculus carnosus and were fixed in phosphate buffered 10% formalin saline, dehydrated in ethanol, cleared in xylene and embedded in paraffin to get 5 micron thick paraffin sections.
Access to the uterus may require retraction of the panniculus, which can cause significant cardiovascular compromise (9) and greater postoperative pain (29).
Some cases of localized morphea, defined as localized inflammation in the reticular dermis and superficial panniculus, have been reported.
Desde fines del siglo XVIII, se han descrito en la fosa axilar bandas o haces de tejido muscular y tendinoso que se disponen entre las paredes de la region (Ramsay, 1795, 1812; Gruber, 1844; Langer, 1846; Wood, 1868); elementos que corresponden a remantes del Panniculus carnosus de los mamiferos inferiores (Langworthy, 1932), que por su situacion pueden entorpecer el examen clinico, generar fenomenos compresivos en los vasos axilares, dificultar las acciones quirurgicas en la region y confundir a los anatomistas (Tillaux, 1880; Petrasek et al.
The abdominal panniculus has been described as a large "apron" of excess fat and skin that hangs down from the lower abdomen.
But before that, Patrick will have his panniculus removed, an apron-like layer of fat around his abdomen.
A relatively small number of conditions figure prominently in the cases these panels hear: scars, the disfiguring birthmarks known as port-wine stains, the shape and size of breasts, the apron of abdominal skin known as the panniculus that develops after gastric bypass surgery for obesity.
The lesions are symmetrical with associated coagulation necrosis of the deep dermis and panniculus.