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Perhaps this was because the First Mate always paraded it in panoply of gold.
And there, under his purple panoply, nose crooked like a Napoleonic eagle and eyes glittering and beady, sat Sol Glenhart.
He stood for a moment in the light of the lamp, thick, clumsy, shapeless in his panoply of combat, vigilant and red-faced.
Though accustomed to the sight of savage warriors, in the horrid panoply of their terrible profession, there was something so startling in the entrance, and so audacious in the inexplicable look of their conqueror, that the eyes of both sunk to the earth, under a feeling of terror and embarrassment.
Amid royal razzmatazz, religious pomp and military panoply, King Richard III was buried in Leicester Cathedral yesterday, 530 years after he died in the Battle of Bosworth.
Among a panoply of clauses in the bill, one stands out in favor of the health of a child, stipulating that any parent or guardian or caretaker who is remiss in providing the child with appropriate vaccinations against major childhood diseases will face imprisonment for six months or a fine of KD 1000 or both punishments.
Young will read Saturday evening, November 15, at Panoply Books in Lambertville, New Jersey, from his brand-new book "The Beautiful Moment of Being Lost,"his second full-length poetry collection, soon to be released by Hoboken-based publisher Poets Wear Prada.
The panoply of zoning restrictions, environmental reviews, building fees (exceeding $20,000 per home on the average in many places), and other planning regulations has come to act as a hidden tax on homebuyers and as a penalty for prosperity.
At Brew Expo: (immediate left) Mike Godwin of Micro Matic amid that company's expansive dispensing equipment display; Clockwise from top left: Milton Leland, regional sales mgr for Pall shows off a Supradisc filter module; Andrew Sitton, Kyle Wilson and Jack Holleran of HDA Architects talk about designing brewery buildings; Steve Stavro, regional sales rep for Rehrig Pacific, talks up the company's Pub Keg; below: John Birtles of Perkin Elmer, with one of his company's gas chromatographs; and below left Bernadette Wasdovitch, marketing communications mgr of Briess Malting, displays a panoply of malt.
The players and their agents and the whole panoply of the well paid officials of FIFA and their sponsors and TV partners should feel more than a pang of conscience about the consequences of their demands for 'bigger and better' ' World Cups on the people of Brazil and Qatar.
veterinary technology instructor and rabbit expert, has paired up with Amy Sedaris, comedian and bunny lover, in 49 online videos on how to care for your pet rabbit The videos were produced by Howcast, an online media company that streams instructional videos on a panoply of topics ranging from how to bake a pie to how to tie a bowtie to how to take portraits.
THIS PAST SUMMER, insiders met outsiders at the 55th Venice Biennale--both in the bracing anthropological and ethnographic admixtures of curator Massimiliano Gioni's central exhibition, "The Encyclopedic Palace," and in the panoply of social, political, and aesthetic exchanges transpiring throughout the national pavilions of the Giardini and beyond.