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POPE. The chief of the catholic religion is so called. He is a temporal prince. He is elected by certain officers called cardinals, and remains in power during life. In the 9th Collation of the Authentics it is declared the bishop of Rome hath the first place of sitting in all assemblies, and the bishop of Constantinople the second. Ridley's View, part 1, chap. 3, sect. 10.
     2. The pope has no political authority in the United States.

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Nobody thought that Pope John would be elected to the papacy.
Benedict may have given one of his best gifts to the church now, at the end of his time as pope, by demystifying the office of the papacy.
The pope, a theologian and professor, never felt truly comfortable with the weight of the papacy and many Catholics feel that, although he was a towering Church figure, perhaps the cardinals should have chosen someone else in 2005.
It proved during the abuse scandals that it is an insufficient servant of the modern papacy.
Benedict's papacy has featured a steadfast defense against the forces of modernism, both within and outside the church.
Urban VI quickly fell out of favor, leading to the election of a 'rival pope,' Pope Clement VII, in September of that year, who re-established the papacy in Avignon 6 meaning the Catholic Church now had a pope and an 'anti-pope,' thereby dividing the European continent.
He presents a comprehensive survey of various Orthodox positions on the papacy between 1960 and 2006--gathered from the writings of twenty-four Orthodox theologians and official documents often Patriarchates--in dialogue with Catholic rethinking of a possible renewed Roman Patriarchate.
Chapter one juggles a number of different priorities, as it attempts to provide an introduction to the papacy of Paschal, an overview of the sources for his building enterprises (the Liber Pontificalis and others), and the political context for his activities, including his relationship with the Carolingians and the court of Constantinople.
Islamabad, 23 April , 2009 (Frontier Star) -- Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani has sent a message of greetings to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on the 4th Anniversary of His Papacy of His Pontificate on Friday.
Drawing from records he found there, he describes beliefs and actions of the papacy about witchcraft from the 14th to the 18th centuries.
Benedict has made 10 foreign pilgrimages since assuming the papacy in 2005, including a visit to France this week.
The Christian East & The Rise of the Papacy: The Church AD 1071-1453" is the fourth volume of the acclaimed 'The Church in History' series, and covers such topics as the reformation of the papacy, the crusades, scholasticism and it's impacts on the Eastern Orthodox church.