paper credit

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There is no gentleman so ignorant of the principles of paper credit, as not to know that the whole source of the validity of this species of currency is derived from the circumstance of it being convertible into gold and silver.
An Enquiry into the Nature and Effects of the Paper Credit of Great Britain (1802) and other works by Henry Thornton.
CREDIT TRANSFERS 5 Paper credit Credit transfers Paper--Bank account transfer number and signature 6 Credit transfer via Credit transfers Bank account number- iDEAL -One-time code or TAN, card, personal card reader and PIN- code 4.
As the novel progresses, Pamela departs from the material world of real, tangible goods (for which she never actually loses her concern) as she becomes increasingly fascinated with the imaginative world of paper credit and the possibilities it holds.
The emergence of electronic networks eliminated carbon paper credit card slips, and advances in computing and data storage technology led to database marketing.
Is the paper credit report received and somehow read or "scanned" into the computer - how does it know what data is where on the form, what to call it and where to store it?
As similar as moving from LCs to BPOs, moving from traditional paper credit applications to electronic ones offers quite a bit in time savings for staff, increased speed of transactions and reduced documentation.
Contrary to received historical wisdom, paper credit is not an abstract derivative of coin; rather, standardized coinage systems based on the presumed "intrinsic" value of gold were introduced in the early nineteenth century as a way to regulate and homogenize the circulation of credit.
The political economy of sentiment; paper credit and the Scottish Enlightenment in early republic Boston, 1780-1820.
Since 1981, Watson has also been involved in the Fine Paper Credit Group, an industry credit group that brings together similar companies to exchange current and historical information about shared customers.