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Most papers submitted to the peer review Web site were in the physical sciences, with just a handful of biology papers posted, says Miller.
His research over several years indicates that keeping papers in a dark room at 55[degrees]F and between 30 percent and 50 percent relative humidity protects the material.
The paper industry started early in Canada, and newsprint has always been imported duty-free from our northern neighbor, he states.
With disciplined production of branded products and an intense focus on customer needs, we believe SMART Papers is on its way to reclaiming its role as a top supplier in the North American premium paper markets," Reehl added.
Clearly, profit margins in the paper industry right now are as thin as the tissue produced at some of its mills.
Wausau Paper achieved record sales and shipments in 2005 despite declining uncoated free-sheet and lackluster specialty paper markets," said Thomas J.
The tear and tensile strength of flax pulp is superior to wood pulp, according to Carolyn Moran of Living Tree Paper, which offers coated and uncoated papers that mix chlorine-free flax straw and hemp with post-consumer waste fibers.
Metso Paper has concluded the sale of certain assets of its water management business to GL & V, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
I have been both relieved and dismayed to learn that my dissatisfaction with students' research papers is shared by many other teachers.
I wanted to thank E for devoting so much space to exploring paper alternatives.
The last group of papers of miscellaneous interest is apparently intended to expand the scope of the conference volume and includes several interesting, albeit somewhat controversial, articles.
Look for recycled and environmentally responsible paper that is priced competitively with traditional virgin papers.

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