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He finishes the chapter with a passage that describes how a great artist like Matisse, another aspect of his many faceted personality, idealizes women who infuse his genius with paradisaical images even as European society is about to explode into war and chaos.
They thought that by that novel style they had managed to resuscitate ancient Greek music in all its power; and, given the popular conception of the Homeric world as the primordial world, it was possible to embrace the illusion that one had at last returned to the paradisaical beginnings of mankind, in which music must have had that supreme purity, power, and innocence of which the pastoral poets wrote so movingly.
He returned with a riveting story, published this morning, about a prosperous, paradisaical Jewish community under assaultand the consequential personal and communal conflicts that happen in its wake.
I awoke in the midsummer not-to-call night, I in the white and the walk of the morning: The moon, dwindled and thinned to the fringe i of a finger-nail held to the candle, Or paring of paradisaical fruit, i lovely in waning but lustreless, Stepped from the stool, drew back from the barrow, I of dark Maenefa the mountain; A cusp still clasped him, a fluke yet fanged him, I entangled him, not quit utterly.
We set out directly for Antetezambato from Nosy Komba, a paradisaical island overgrown by cocoa palms and surrounded by bright blue ocean and coral reefs.