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Over the years, many authors have observed that there is more to the problem than concha bullosa and a paradoxically bent middle turbinate.
Paradoxically, the execu tioner had an important role in the curing of disease.
Paradoxically, porn is more available than ever, yet less of a public issue.
Paradoxically, he has also conjured an overlong and strictly lightweight entertainment that is neither very involving nor, ultimately, much fun.
Paradoxically, within its pulsing music, gattling-gun editing and grainy, creaky evocations of early film style, this film is also a potent denunciation of those who fetishize images and consume them passively.
PARADOXICALLY, THE WAY TO PEACE is not to seek it, but to seek selflessness.
There is, paradoxically, no lender of last resort and no liquidity backup for income-producing capital assets.
Yet, paradoxically, those who are confident about their beliefs can afford to respect the beliefs and positions of others.
The straight-forward text will help beginners build necessary connections about the complex writings of this prolific, paradoxically inward- and outward-turning writer, who still appeals to today's reader because of his rebellion against expected norms.
Robert Jay Lifton, distinguished professor of psychiatry and psychology at John Jay College and the City University of New York, and Eric Markusen, a sociologist teaching at Carthage College in Wisconsin, believe that, paradoxically, those who participate in the actual or potential killing of so many people can still love their wives and kids, sleep peacefully, and eschew any moral doubts.
The blanket sculpture--which is, paradoxically, at once a hermetic dead end and an invitation to further inquiry (or, as the press release puts it, "a primary text with a footnoted reference")--might also provide the beginnings of a key to Einarsson's approach in general.
Paradoxically, this cosmopolitan trajectory has led him back to his roots, as evinced by this little restaurant in Bali which draws intelligently on vernacular forms and materials, especially bamboo.