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However, in 2014, shortly before filing a case with the court, Somalia claimed a maritime boundary along an equidistance line, ignoring the 35-year practice of recognising and respecting the maritime boundary along a parallel of latitude.
Chile contends that the 1952 Santiago Declaration established an international maritime boundary along the parallel of latitude passing through the starting-point of the Peru-Chile land boundary and extending to a minimum of 200 nautical miles.
According to Chile, it follows from paragraph IV of the 1952 Santiago Declaration that the maritime boundary between neighbouring States parties is the parallel of latitude passing through the point at which the land boundary between them reaches the sea.
Let us observe that the diameter of the conical parallel of latitude circle does not pass through its center what is illustrated in Figure 7 and its length does not equal double length of circle's radius.
On the cone of revolution of given central angle [beta] [member of] (0; 2[pi]) the ratio of the circumference of the parallel of latitude circle to its diameter is constant and the value is given by (12).
1 and 2), such that, on the Peruvian side, fishing boats departing seaward from Ilo, in a south-west direction, to the range of those same species would cross the parallel of latitude at a point up to approximately 100 nautical miles from the starting-point of the maritime boundary.
Chile rejects that interpretation of both instruments and submits that both use the traceparallele method, supporting the use of the parallel of latitude for the maritime boundary.
Using models j, k, l to teach the distance between two places on the same parallel of latitude.
The fact that flying along a great circle is shorter than flying along the parallel of latitude can be demonstrated by comparing the distances using circles j and l.
Since the Court has already concluded that the agreed boundary line along the parallel of latitude ends at 80 nautical miles from the coast, the foundation for the Chilean argument does not exist.
I agree with the Court's finding in point 1 of the operative paragraph of the Judgment that "the starting-point of the single maritime boundary delimiting the respective maritime areas between the Republic of Peru and the Republic of Chile is the intersection of the parallel of latitude passing through Boundary Marker No.
If you traveled across Asia at the 20[degrees]N parallel of latitude, through which countries and bodies of water would you travel?

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