parallel relation

See: analogy
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It is our thesis that the use of technology in parallel relation to reflection amplifies and makes visible the metacognitive work.
In this way reflection is a dynamic action in parallel relation to knowledge production.
we make use of an additional focusing device, also marking the adverbial as focused, albeit only as a presentational focus, expressing a topic shift within a parallel relation.
The influence of late medieval scholastic theologians on writers of the Renaissance is proven through structures of analogy where Langer examines the re-presentation of the nominalist model between God and creature in the parallel relations between patron and poet, poet and text, and fictional personae and the world.
You imagine a quadrilateral in which European men and Algerian men stand over against each other in one relation, and European women and Algerian women stand over against each other in another; and then all kinds of axes and parallel relations, all the permutations of these positions, come into play.

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