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Maintaining parallelism (also called parallel structure and parallel construction) is about meeting the reader's expectations, making your meaning clear, and creating smooth and pleasing rhythms in your sentences.
Based on the above reflections, the present study aims to address two specific questions: 1) is parallelism prominent enough to be regarded as a defining feature of Woolfs writing style in To the Lighthouse?
Proponents of massive parallelism can expect push-back from multiple sources D sometimes from unexpected individuals--as they work to introduce hybrid computing and new threading models, wean programmers from cache coherent SMP programming, and ultimately "rock the boat" at some very fundamental levels throughout an organization.
The continuous increase in the level of implemented parallelism has been one of the dominant trends in microprocessor architectures in recent years.
According to Rycroft and Ngcobo (1988: 78), parallelism is "a device whereby the poet brings together, in a balanced relationship, ideas and images that may seem independent of one another.
Such difference, in comparison to the parallelism technique, certifies that variation of angulation can have an influence on the identification of apexes.
One reliable way to reduce COT for high-volume production is to increase the parallelism of the tester.
Flatness is a feature compared to itself, while parallelism requires that a feature be compared to a datum.
While the cluster approach can be an extremely expensive way to scale, parallelism is certainly the key to scalability.
For EFL learners to accomplish the goals of self-expression and writer--reader interaction, they need to conform to the norms and structures of English sentences, paragraphs, and essays; parallelism is a well-recognized norm that English discourse tends to conform to.
Stream programming requires the programmer to express data parallelism in his or her problem, but all system specifics such as memory architectures or accelerators are abstracted from the programmer by a dynamic runtime which schedules and manages work appropriately based on the platform specifics.