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After having computed the value of the variable z, one can parallelize the computation of x and y.
7) Primary inhibitors to parallelism are loops, which usually the most common target of parallelization effort, so the first loop dependency should be analysed and then tried to parallelize that, if possible;
Therefore, it's a simple way to parallelize a code originally written for sequential processing.
Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are accomplishing high-throughput analysis of unstructured data with parallel KD algorithms using an approach that allows users to use familiar desktop tools to do their analyses and then to automatically parallelize the code to run on HPCs.
In Section 5 we present an overview of the technique, commutativity analysis, that our prototype compiler uses to parallelize the applications.
Therefore, a way is needed to efficiently parallelize an application whose first module has data independency and whose second module has data dependency
In the right context, this approach works well -- researchers have successfully used data dependence analysis to parallelize computations that manipulate dense arrays using affine access functions [Banerjee 1988; Eigenmann et al.
From there, Hadoop does what it does best: It parallelizes the workload and allocates compute and storage resources as necessary.
AFRL's researchers used Star-P (Figure 2) to parallelize their MATLAB codes to run on parallel servers.
Oracle Database Backup Service enables customers to parallelize and compress backup data transfers to help maximize performance and includes client-side encryption to provide end-to-end data security.
This often requires manual intervention by the application developers to specify what is ~safe~ to parallelize and/or how much parallelization is ~profitable~.