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He just lay beneath his antagonist in a paralysis of fear, screaming at the top of his lungs.
The factor of the Grandmother's appearance in place of the hourly expected telegram to announce her death(with, of course, resultant legacies) had so upset the whole scheme of intentions and projects that it was with a decided feeling of apprehension and growing paralysis that the conspirators viewed any future performances of the old lady at roulette.
This paralysis lasted, however, but a short time; for Tess's energies returned with the atrophy of his, and she walked as fast as she was able past the barn and onward.
For three weeks the old prince lay stricken by paralysis in the new house Prince Andrew had built at Bogucharovo, ever in the same state, getting neither better nor worse.
The mad rending, the hideous and deafening roaring, the implacable savagery of the blood-stained beasts held him in the paralysis of fascination, and when it was over and the two creatures, their heads and shoulders torn to ribbons, lay with their dead jaws still buried in each other's bodies, Carthoris tore himself from the spell only by an effort of the will.
For an instant only he stood thus as in a paralysis of fear, then he uttered a smothered shriek and turned and fled.
Global crowdsourcing campaign launched to identify solutions to the challenges faced by people with lower-limb paralysis, as part of the Mobility Unlimited Challenge
Objective: To evaluate the clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with idiopathic and non-idiopathic vocal cord paralysis (VCP).
6 (SUNA) The head of the team for the campaign of the External Review of Acute Paralysis launched Wednesday, in al-Gazira state, Gwenver Hor, underlined that the Sudan has not registered any case of Acute Paralysis since 2009.
Tick paralysis is a preventable cause of illness and death that when diagnosed promptly requires simple low-cost intervention (Tick removal).
Facial nerve paralysis can occur due to infection, inflammation, trauma, surgery, and tumors.
A nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for paralysis has awarded $400,000 in grants to winners of the second round of the Conquer Paralysis Now Challenge, a 10-year effort to accelerate cures for paralysis and related complications.