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So paralyzed were we by the apparition that we allowed him to pass before we had recovered our nerve.
The excess of physical strength is paralyzed by it.
When Pierre Gringoire arrived on the Place de Grève, he was paralyzed.
Suddenly it became as midnight; the noises of the jungle ceased; the trees stood motionless as though in paralyzed expectancy of some great and imminent disaster.
At that time he was paralyzed to the extent that he had lost control of his body and voice in a very large degree.
The men of this party said and thought that what was wrong resulted chiefly from the Emperor's presence in the army with his military court and from the consequent presence there of an indefinite, conditional, and unsteady fluctuation of relations, which is in place at court but harmful in an army; that a sovereign should reign but not command the army, and that the only way out of the position would be for the Emperor and his court to leave the army; that the mere presence of the Emperor paralyzed the action of fifty thousand men required to secure his personal safety, and that the worst commander in chief if independent would be better than the very best one trammeled by the presence and authority of the monarch.
She remained there, paralyzed with emotion, till the moment when the vision disappeared.
When Rokoff saw what it was that stalked him his shrieks for help filled the air, as with trembling knees he stood, as one paralyzed, before the hideous death that was creeping upon him.
Boxtel sank quite paralyzed on that very table, and on that very spot where, some hours before, the unfortunate Van Baerle had so leisurely, and with such intense delight, contemplated his darling bulbs.
His ingenuity, paralyzed by his fears, was unable to invent anything new.
Knowing what I wanted to say to my mother, my faculties seemed to be paralyzed when I tried to say it.
The landlady, drawing the inevitable inference from the words that she had just heard, looked from me to my mother-in-law in a state of amazement, which paralyzed even her tongue.