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Specifically, Parameter Europe will serve clients located in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey and Wales.
The significance of the secondary parameters was determined in the second part of regression analysis; by evaluating one parameter at a time.
Per definition, the AGD represents a one-dimensional parameter of the human anatomy.
The parameter b is equal to zero for the standard vector--axial vector type of weak interactions, and the parameter D is related to time-odd correlations of spin and momenta, therefore in the first Born approximation, it is defined by a time reversal violating process.
New optimization tools allow changes in three or four parameters (factors) at the same time.
Thus, platelet counts obtained during the early phase of infection are suggested as a promising parameter for a risk-adapted, cost-effective disease management.
In other words, unless you're a mathematician, it's safe to avoid parameter altogether.
The new product complements the existing range of design tools by automatically extracting complex model parameters, to make virtual prototyping more realistic.
In this method the three atoms (NC'O) of the peptide group chromophore are replaced by a single point; parameters for the anisotropic polarizabilities of the chromophores and isotropic polarizabilities of the other atoms are used with atomic coordinates to predict the CD spectrum.
But at the moment, their best estimate is that the deceleration parameter seems consistent with a universe poised between permanent expansion and collapse a model popular among theorists.
Methodist Hospital of Indiana has developed the concept of the Ambulatory Care Parameter, a perspective from which we can view our ambulatory program.
com)-- Parameter Generation & Control will expand its presence in Europe, thanks to an exclusive partnership with England-based WIS Technology Limited.